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Utica NY Wedding: Love, Laughter, & Golden Hour Moments!

August 7, 2022

Katie Paye

Hey there, lovebirds! Picture this: a scorching hot day, a couple head over heels in love, and a wedding photographer (that’s me!) determined to capture all the magical moments, even if it means braving the heat. I recently had the pleasure of documenting MaryBeth and Grant’s incredible wedding in beautiful Upstate New York. Let me take you on a journey through their unforgettable day, filled with golden hour photos, heartwarming family connections, and pure wedding bliss. If you’re searching for an extraordinary Upstate NY wedding or elopement, here you go!

Love that defied the heat

Imagine the hottest day of the year, and these two lovebirds couldn’t care less about the scorching temperatures. MaryBeth and Grant’s love burned brighter than the sun that day! They were game for an adventure, and I was thrilled to capture their unwavering commitment to creating incredible memories. We threw caution to the wind (and the A.C.) for some outside shots, and boy, was it worth it!

The magic of golden hour

As the sun started its descent, something magical happened. The sky transformed into a breathtaking display of golden hues, creating the perfect backdrop for our lovebirds and their families. Against the stunning landscapes of Upstate NY, we captured moments that seemed straight out of a fairy tale. Their love radiated like sunshine, and we froze those golden hour memories forever.

Two Families, One Celebration!

But wait, there’s more! This wedding wasn’t just about MaryBeth and Grant. It was a day where two families joined forces, and the joy was palpable. Seeing the tears of happiness and witnessing the laughter shared between their loved ones was a reminder of the power of love and the beauty of unity. Their wedding day became an unforgettable celebration of not just their love but also the love surrounding them.

A reminder of why I love being a photographer

As a wedding photographer, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to capture these intimate, heartfelt moments. Being a part of MaryBeth and Grant’s special day was an absolute honor. Preserving memories that will be treasured for a lifetime is a responsibility I hold close to my heart. Their wedding was a testament to the significance of these moments, and it reminded me why I love what I do.

MaryBeth and Grant’s Upstate NY wedding was an unforgettable blend of love, laughter, and golden hour magic. They embraced the heat, and we captured moments that will forever warm our hearts. If you’re a couple seeking an extraordinary wedding or elopement experience in Upstate NY, let’s make some magic together!

I’m here to capture your unique love story amidst the enchanting beauty of this remarkable region. Get in touch and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime!