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Downtown Utica, NY Engagement

November 14, 2022

Katie Paye

A relaxed and joyful session overcoming nerves and embracing the moment, with Kate and Shawn! We started the session at a staple in Utica, “Joe’s Restaurant” or as some know it as Pellettieri Joe’s. This was my first visit and to my surprise walking in to a full bar on a Monday morning!

Not only is Joe’s a sentimental place for Kate and Shawn, but having photos taken with Utica Club was important for an ode to Shawn’s father. Having meaningful touches in photos is so special.

Quickly the nerves were replaced by genuine laughter, and suddenly, the photoshoot transformed into a delightful experience. Kate and Shawn found themselves forgetting about the camera and embracing the moment, enjoying each other’s company and the joy of being together. We then made our way to the Utica Train Station where Kate and Shawn let their true personalities shine through. They laughed, they danced, and they playfully interacted with each other, creating a visual narrative that truly reflected their love and happiness.

As the session progressed, the couple became more comfortable in front of the camera. The nervousness that had initially consumed them was replaced by a newfound confidence. Each click of the shutter became an opportunity to capture the essence of their love story.

At the end of the session they felt relieved that they didn’t have to feel nervous or worried about feeling awkward in front of the camera! Their story serves as a reminder that sometimes the most beautiful moments are born from spontaneity and genuine connection. So, if you find yourself nervous before a photoshoot, remember to let go, be yourself, and embrace the joy that comes with capturing life’s precious moments.